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In the original description of regional ileitis, crohn et al 1 stated in the clinical features of the new disease entity, there are none of the perianal fistulae, condylomas or perirectal abscesses that characterize the complications of true colitis, for in this disease the rectum and colon are never involved. A few years later, penner and crohn 2 published an article with three case. Perianal crohns disease is a form of crohns disease which causes inflammation around the anus. It can occur on its own or at the same time as other forms of crohns disease which cause inflammation in other parts of the digestive system. Perianal crohns affects up to a third of people with crohns disease. Perianal crohns disease is characterized by skin lesions such as anal skin tags, anal abscess, as well as anal canal lesions such as perianal abscesses, fistulas, and fissures. Most commonly anal fissures are caused by damage or trauma to the lining on the anus or anal canal. Manifestations of perianal crohn disease include skin lesions such as crohn tags, as well as anal canal lesions such as perianal abscesses, fistulas, and fissures. 5 treatment is further complicated by the presence of disease immediately proximal to the anal canal within the rectum and colon or higher within the gastrointestinal tract. 7 the patient history may reveal a sex partner with similar lesions. What is crohn disease? Crohn disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that involves inflammation of the small intestine. This can cause pain, fever, constipation, diarrhoea and weight loss. Extraintestinal features are common in crohn disease and include arthritis, skin problems, inflammation in the eyes or mouth, gallstones and kidney stones. Anal lesions, particularly skin tags and fissures, can often look unsightly but apart from occasional bleeding may be relatively painless. Under these circumstances surgery should be avoided as it often leads to painful sores that are very slow to heal.   background oral localization of crohn disease is uncommon and must be differentiated from nonspecific lesions.

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