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An anastomosis (plural anastomoses) is a connection or opening between two things (especially cavities or passages) that are normally diverging or branching, such as between blood vessels, leaf veins, or streams. Such a connection may be normal (such as the foramen ovale in a fetuss heart) or abnormal (such as the patent foramen ovale in an adults heart) it may be acquired (such as an.). Continence of anorectal sphincter complex in the early postoperative period after direct colo-anal anastomoses with colo-colic j pouch. Surgical, traumatic, or pathologic formation of a connection between two normally distinct structures. Arteriovenous anastomosis anastomosis between an artery and a vein. Performing anastomosis after colectomy is one of the basic skills of a general surgeon. Bowel anastomosis is conventionally performed using a handsewn technique, which has been practiced successfully for over 100 years. Because stapled anastomosis takes less time to perform and the learning curve for the inexperienced surgeon is short, mechanical stapling devices are widely. Ileocolic anastomosis is a type of procedure used to connect two structures in the digestive tract, more specifically the colon and ileum. Anal protrusion of an ileo-colic intussusception in an adult with persistent ascending and descending mesocolons a case report peter a ongom , 1 robert l lukande , 2 and josephat jombwe 3 1 colorectal surgery unit, department of surgery, school of medicine, makerere college of health sciences, makerere university, p o box 7072, kampala, uganda.   colon surgery animation using colonring for biodynamix anastomosis - often used in colon cancer surgery. A portacaval anastomosis is a specific type of anastomosis that occurs between the veins of the portal circulation and those of the systemic circulation. The inferior end of the esophagus and the superior part of the rectum are potential sites of a harmful portacaval anastomosis. In portal hypertension, as in the case of cirrhosis of the liver, the anastomoses become congested and form venous. Rullier and colleagues 2 reported a 6-fold increase in the leak rate for anastomoses fashioned below 5 cm from the anal verge, and similar results have been reported by others. 3 the height of the anastomosis has been identified as an independent risk factor for leakage in a large prospective study 4 and within a multivariate analysis of significant risk factors. An anastomosis typically refers to a connection between blood vessels or between two loops of the intestine. Well tell you about the different types and what happens if you have an anastomotic.

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